Lindsey & Jesse
Fall 2015 - Dollands Pond
Our hunt with Conne River Outfitting was everything and more we had hoped for in a bow only hunt. We saw a lot of quality animals and had several opportunities. Everyone in camp made sure we had a great time whether it was out hunting or back at camp. This hunt was an amazing experience we will remember forever.
Lindsey & Jesse - Bow Hunted at Dollands, 2015
Email : astrovan2487@yahoo.com
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Charlie Rehor
Sales Manager - Bowsite.com
My first hunt in Newfoundland was in 2001 with Conne River Outfitting and since then I have hunted 5 times with Dave McDonald and his crew and they have guided me to 6 Woodland Caribou and one Huge Black Bear with my Bow & Arrow. Every trip was handled very professionally. Logistics, food, accommodations and guides were all top notch.

Newfoundland is a game rich Island and all serious bow hunters should get to the “Rock” however it is very important to get yourself to remote areas and this is their specialty.
P: 508.446.5747
W: www.bowsite.com
Kyle Hunt
Crossroads Media, Struttinbuck TV
I've hunted with Conne River Outfitting twice. We saw so many great animals and I was able to connect on a great bull moose. I will be back for sure.
Struttinbuck TV - Pursuit Channel
Crossroads Media Productions, LLC - Outfitter Media Promotions
P: 585-738-3782
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Paul Beasely
Beasely Brother Outdoors, Inc.
Conne River’s archery-only moose camp exceeded expectations in many ways. With a very high number of mature animals it is an archer’s paradise.
Producers of:
Canada in the Rough Television Show
Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine
The Big Game Records of Ontario
P: 705-742-0148
F: 705-745-3411
Clede Spooner
Crossroads Media, Struttinbuck TV
Hunting with Conne River Outfitting has been an absolutely amazing experience. I've hunted 3 years, and am booked to return through 2020. The numbers of Moose, Caribou and Black Bear we've seen the past three years have been phenomenal. I could have taken nearly every Moose and Woodland Caribou we've laid eyes on. The guides work so hard to put you on animals, and they truly know what they're doing to get you what you're looking for.
Struttinbuck TV - Pursuit Channel
Crossroads Media Productions, LLC - Outfitter Media Promotions
P: 585-298-5471
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Richard King
Fall 2015 - Bowhunter
I have learned there are several aspects to a good outfitted hunt. Obviously, taking the game you are after is one aspect and I was fortunate to take a terrific woodland caribou with my bow at ten yards. Food, accommodations, and equipment also rank highly and, there again, these were great. But, beyond all that, the people I met were what stood out. Without exception, everyone I dealt with were friendly, fun, and worked to make my hunt a success. Over twenty outfitted hunts have taught me to appreciate my experience with Conne River Outfitting. I recommend them.
Steff Stefanovich
Beasely Brother Outdoors, Inc.
I bow hunted moose with Conne River Outfitters In October 2015 at Dolland's Pond.

For a remote fly in Camp, it exceeded expectations. It was warm and comfortable with indoor shower and bath. Meals were excellent especially dessert.The guides were great with tremendous knowledge of the area and it's game.

The hunting was outstanding with encounters daily. Game was plentiful with both moose and Caribou.

Unfortunately, as with bowhunting, things just didn't quite come together, and I was unsuccessful. I have had opportunity to Hunt throughout North
America and can honestly say that this was one of my best, most enjoyable hunts. I look forward to returning.
Alan Anglyn
Avid Conne River Outfitting Hunter
I first hunted Newfoundland in the year 2000. This was my first big game hunting trip. I chose Newfoundland for two reasons. I wanted to take a caribou with a bow and Newfoundland hunts were reasonably affordable.

I did not take a caribou on that first hunt. There were two hunters per guide and I spent half the week knowing that, if we found a nice stag, I would not be the one hunting it. One caribou was close enough for a shot when it was my turn but unfortunately our guide was between me and the stag. Later, on my way home, I met a fellow hunter at the airport who spoke highly of his experience hunting in the Conne River area where he had bagged both a caribou and a moose. I decided then I would hunt there.

I returned in 2003 and took my first caribou with a bow. The guide knew the area well and was experienced guiding bow hunters. What a difference that made! I booked a hunt for the following year for moose and caribou. Early in the morning of the first day of my 2004 hunt, my guide spotted a big bull with two cows. Three hours later, I took a shot at that bull and put meat on the table. After the required 60 day drying period, I also had an entry in the P&Y record book. On that same hunt, I took a nice woodland caribou stag and missed an opportunity for the “Newfoundland Grandslam” when I missed a large black bear.

Since 2004, I have returned every year. I have now taken 8 bull moose, 6 woodland caribou and 3 black bears. Eleven of these animals are in the P&Y record book. One caribou is in the B&C all time book and my 2015 caribou has been submitted for the B&C all time book, too.

I’ll keep returning to hunt with Conne River Outfitters. I like the ability to hunt up to three species – Canada moose, woodland caribou and black bear – and Conne River Outfitters has demonstrated they have quality animals. What more can a hunter want from an outfitter?
Alan Anglyn
17090 Evening Star Road
Edgerton, KS 66021

P: 913-882-6424
E: ahanglyn@hotmail.com
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Steff, 2015 @ Dolland’s Pond Lodge
Eagle Bridge, NY

Jim Duris

Kyle Hunt, 2014, 2015 @ Medonnegonix Lodge
Rochester, NY

Richard Martin

April Johnstone

Clede Spooner

Richard King, 2015 @ Medonnegonix Lodge
Sheridan, MT

Mike Opperman

Bill Root

Jeff Wallace

Andy Yue, 2015 @ Medonnegonix Lodge
Rochester, MN

Gary Zaddack

William Zook

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